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Biblical Reflection 117

The Coming of the Spirit (Jn. 16: 5-11)

        When Jesus speaks of His return to the Father, it is a reference to His ascension (Bede). The disciples are afflicted with paralyzing grief not only contemplating Jesusí absence but also the painful events that await them (Chrysostom). Jesus leaves so that we may be glorified and eligible to receive the gifts of the Spirit (Theodore). Pentecost is the day of the outpouring of the Spirit. The Spirit brings freedom for all those oppressed by the devil (Origen). Because of Pentecost and the overwhelming power of the Spirit on display there, the devil sees his defeat. The Holy Spirit is able to overcome the inability of the apostles to bear Christís words which are divine mysteries still waiting to be revealed (Origen). The Spirit serves as the Lordís vicar in His absence (Tertullian), as the Spirit does not speak on its own but in the voice of the trinity.

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt