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Biblical Reflection 119
The Story of the Good Samaritan (Lk. 10: 25-37)
You shall love the Lord your God and your neighbour – all the teachings of Jesus stays on the two wings of these two commandments (Ephrem).
Jericho is an image of the world to which Adam has been cast out from Paradise. It is a great surprise that the third traveler is a Samaritan. The Samaritan is none other than Christ (Ambrose).
The story identifies the Good Samaritan with Jesus, the oil and wine as the sacraments, and the inn as the Church, showing that God’s mercy may be found only in the sacraments of the Church (Augustine).
By binding up the wounds of the man, the Samaritan shows that he has many remedies for healing. The “next day” when he arrives is the Lord’s Day, the day of resurrection. The two pence he gives him are the two testaments for preaching the Word of God. The inn keeper is the steward of the mysteries (Ambrose).
Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt