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Biblical Reflection 120

Be merciful as your Father is merciful (Misericordes sicut Pater)
(Lk. 6: 27-36)

God has left the deposit of His divine image and likeness in us, and this divine image is seen in those who are merciful as the Father in heaven is merciful (Origen).

Mercy is an attribute of God (Cyril of Alexandria).

The verses from 27-36 are known as catechetical lectures. All these verses characterize God as merciful to the just and the unjust (Justin Martyr).

Mercy in practical terms means sacrificing the desire for vengeance and seeking compassion for the neighbour (Augustine).

Sinners cannot judge sinners. Jesusí disciples are to portray Godís character to the world and are to judge with justice and forgive with grace (Ephrem).

The mercy of Jesus expresses itself in two ways: forgiveness and generosity. Christians become granaries for the poor (Augustine).

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt