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Biblical Reflection 121
Do not be anxious (Lk. 12: 22-34)

Jesus teaches His disciples not to be anxious about food and clothing. The disciples are to study and ponder how God cares for the ravens and the lilies as means for comforting us with knowledge of His loving care for us (Cyril of Alexandria).

Angels, martyrs and saints are the flowers of the world. Let no one think it is inappropriate to compare lilies with angels, when Christ called Himself a lily, saying ‘I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys’ (Song 2:1). Christ is fittingly a lily, because where there is the blood of martyrs, there is Christ, who is a flower exalted, undefiled and blameless (Ambrose).

Give away earthly things, to win that which is in heaven. No one can do damage to the wealth that is laid up above in heaven. God is its keeper. God does not sleep (Cyril of Alexandria).

Either through almsgiving it raises the heart of us into heaven, or through greed it buries it in the earth (Peter Chrysologus).

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt