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Biblical Reflection 124
St. Thomas Day

Jesus appears to Thomas (Jn. 20: 24-29)

Why does Jesus not appear to Thomas immediately, instead after eight days? Why this delay? St. Ephrem remarks of a ‘delayed mercy’. While some other Church Fathers see it as a cruel mercy. He does so in order to that, in the meantime, being continually instructed by the disciples and hearing the same thing repeated, he might be inflamed with more eager desire and be more ready to believe for the future. But where did he learn that his side had been pierced? He heard it from the other disciples. They did not hide anything to Thomas. Jesus again presents Himself to them and does not wait for to be asked by Thomas. Rather, before Thomas could even speak, Jesus prevented him and fulfilled his desire. While doing this Jesus added instruction for the future (Chrysostom).

An excess of mercy is being shown here.

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt