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Biblical Reflection 127
The Tradition of the Elders (Mk. 7: 1-13)

God sees straight through our evasions to our deepest inward intention (Clement of Rome).

We are made unclean by what comes out of our lips, not by what goes into our mouth (Origen).

Divine judgment penetrates human rationalizations that pretend to follow the tradition of the elders (Irenaeus).

Verbal religion is not good. What is needed is religion of heart (Clement).

Remember the wife of Lot. All she did was voluntarily to turn her head back toward worldly corruption. She was left a senseless mass, a pillar of salt (Clement of Alexandria).

The Lord accused the Pharisees because leaving aside the Commandment of God, they hold fast to the tradition of men. The Pharisees claimed that the traditions of their elders safe guarded the law, but in fact they contravened the law Moses had given (Irenaeus).

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt