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Biblical Reflection 128
The Rich Man and Lazarus (Lk. 16: 19-31)

Lazarus is the centre of this Gospel passage. Jesus names this poor man as Lazarus suggesting his importance in Godís sight and that his name is written in heaven, while the rich manís name is not recorded in Scripture or in Heaven (Augustine).

The name Lazarus means Ďone who has been helpedí (Jerome).

This text gives the great chasm that exists between the torment of hell with its fire and the consolation of heaven in the bosom of Abraham (Gregory of Nyssa).

The rich man feasted on earth, but Lazarus now feasts in heaven as his soul finds rest in the bosom of Abraham (Prudentius).

Abraham who had mercy on Sodom is not able to show mercy to this rich man in hell (Ephrem).
The reason the rich man does not receive mercy now is because he did not show mercy in his life (Augustine).

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt