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Biblical Reflection 131
The Healing of the Blind Man (Lk 18: 35-43)

It was the title Nazarene that prompts the blind manís persistent cries for mercy, for it is more than a simple notice of where Jesus is from, as it designates Jesus as the miracle-working prophet from Nazareth. The blind man confesses his faith. He cries, ďJesus, have mercy on meĒ. Jesus acknowledges his faith, and the manís persistent desire to stand in the presence of Jesus, who brings a new creation by giving him sight (Ephrem).

Immediately the blind man receives sight from Jesus who is the true light (Cyril).

The image of the Gentile people is in this case one man who through the divine blessing received the clarity of his lost sight (Ambrose).

The light came into the world to give sight to the blind and faith to those who lacked it (Ephrem).

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt